New Delhi, the capital of India is undoubtedly an amazing place. While you get to see the modern structures with people commuting in the metro, there are a plenty of elements of the bygone Mughal Era too. Have you heard of walking tours lately? Yes, there are many free walking tours in Delhi. When you choose to explore the city in cars or buses, you will miss out on something or the other but when you are on foot, you can actually know more about a particular place in detail.

Walking Tour In Old Delhi

A walking tour is truly a great way to learn about different areas of Delhi, their history and all the stories the locals have to tell. A lot of travel and tours companies conduct free walking tours in Delhi with experienced guides to tell you the importance of each place you stop at. It begins from a particular point and covers certain places of interest before reaching the end point.

To make the most of your walking tour, you need to wear comfortable clothing with a hat or scarf to cover your head while walking in the sun. You must apply a good sunscreen before you start the tour as there are chances of getting tanned especially when it is peak summer. Your footwear should also be comfortable because you will be walking all the while.

Carry a bottle of water with you as you will obviously get thirsty while walking and it is important for you to stay hydrated. Also pack something to eat as all the walking can make you hungry. You will usually have several stops on your route and you can take rest in between if you want to or grab a quick bite at some of the famous eating joints of Delhi. You will thoroughly enjoy your walking tour if you keep the above points in mind!

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