Planning An Adventures Trip To Incredible India?

Seeking new places, meeting different people, trying some tasty dishes will definitely make you feel like living in an alternate world. We at TrekWalks are coming up with a series of top bloggers from around the globe. Let’s first read about India’s and learn about the fascinating destinations where our travelers have traveled. Also, learn about the different travel hacks we got to share with you. These amazing Indian travel bloggers from our agency have set an example for all of us that nothing can stop you from exploring the vast new world and seek adventures. Their blogs inspire us to travel and gather knowledge from different places of India. Be it through their pictures or some beautiful amazing facts our bloggers have made their mark everywhere.

First Time India: What To Expect

The Average travel advice for incredible India is full of cliches such as “expect the unexpected”, or even “prepare to lose yourself”. Unhelpful as they might sound, there’s a reason for these cliches and over your journeys to India you’ll come to realize that life somehow seems much “larger” there – there’s the chaos, the bustle, the wild beauty, but also the sheer number of people somehow ensure, that whatever your opinions on what to expect from your first trip to India, you’ll never be quite right.

India Will Teach You Patience

This is one of the few things you can be certain of by getting frustrated when things don’t go to plan or you discovered you’ve been ripped off in some transaction does not serve us well.  Understanding upfront that ‘staring’ is not considered particularly rude by many, and that you may attract quite a few stares during your journey, will help keep your patience intact too. In short, if we say in a country where the lateness of trains is measured not by hours late but by quarter, half or a full day late by adopting an open, go with the flow attitude makes travel in India a lot more enjoyable.  

Where To Head On To Your First Trip To India

This really depends on your preferences list and interests, and what you want to experience on your travels to India. India’s North is diverse from the South in many different ways – from old architecture to language, to best food and landscapes.

Those in search of mountains and trekking head north to the peaks of Himachal Pradesh and the Indian Himalayas in Ladakh and Sachin. Beach lovers can head south to Goa and Kerala, and Rajasthan is hard to beat when it comes to princely palaces and sheer impressiveness. The delicious Food and architecture connoisseurs are spoilt for choice as the whole country is awash with tasty thalis and faith-inspiring temples.

Spiritual seekers, yogis and would-be-gurus head to the life-changing cities of Rishikesh and Varanasi in India. Varanasi: one of the oldest cities in the world and loved it or hate it, there’s no denying that Varanasi is quite unlike any other place on earth. This beautiful amazing video gives something of a flavor.

South India is seen as having a more relaxed, calm, easy going vibe, less conservative than the north, and so is often taken as a better option for solo female travelers to India. The reality though is a bit more complicated than that because laid back Buddhist-influenced Ladakh in the far north of India is every bit as safe as Kerala for women, where more conservative small areas still exist and in some ways, the big differences between North and South India may be blurred the differences in the landscape could not be starker. While the south is home to swaying palms, heavy hard monsoons, and lush, thick green grasses and rice paddies, the north is a sandy bowl, exposed to extreme deadly heat each summer and if you like to get truly off the beaten path then East and North East India may be just the thing for you.

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