If you are in search for an interesting trekking trail in Himachal, you should definitely consider the Hampa Pass trek. It is considered to be the most iconic of all the 200 plus treks in Himachal Pradesh. This trek is best suited for beginners as it will easily let them get the hang of trekking. For seasoned trekkers it may not be an out and out adrenaline-rushing experience but the scenic locations make up for that and you will thoroughly enjoy the trek.

Hampta Pass Trek

Enjoy Hampta Pass Trek In Manali

The main attraction of the Hampta Pass trekking tour is that it offers you two contrasting landscapes and the sudden change appears to be actually shocking. While in the beginning you will get mesmerized by all the greenery around you, once you reach the Manali side of the Hampta pass, you will be astonished with the deserted look of the landscape in front of you. This place is the Lahual and Spiti valley. The dramatic change in the landscape is a true shocker and something that you should experience as a trekker and lover of nature. Having your buddies along with you on this trail is the cherry on the cake as the whole experience will only further cement your friendship. The Hampta Pass trekking tour is definitely something you must not miss.

Hampta Pass

The feeling of reaching the highest point of the trek and crossing the Hampta Pass is a feeling that cannot be described in words. It is a trek that you will cherish for a lifetime if you are an adventure lover. Spending time in the mountains in picturesque locations is the much needed change from the regular humdrum of urban life. It will refresh you mentally, physically and spiritually. Whenever your mind feels uneasy in the concrete jungle of your city, just remember that the mountains are calling you and it is time for a vacation to the Himalayas.

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